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Kloveniersburgwal 138 1012 CZ AMSTERDAM 020 6253231
020 6253231

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Most Dutch people say it and therefore most people believe it: that Dutch is difficult to learn. And although learning a language is always a challenge, the statement that Dutch is more difficult than other languages is simply a myth.

Fortunately it is quite easy to explode this myth so that you can learn it with more ease and systematic fun!

The Talencoach approach is different from any other language course. You will learn things that no one else teaches. And therefore you can have new results. Even if all the other courses have not worked before!

You can take individual packages or accelerated group courses.
You will learn many things:

- Why Dutch is much easier than you think
- Why most people give up and how you can avoid the typical traps
- How to use English as a powerful leverage
- The system that leads you to effortless pronunciation
- A proven system that allows you to generate hundreds or even thousands of sentences without memorizing
- How to double or triple your vocabulary with absolute ease
- How to surprise and impress Dutch people, even if your vocabulary is still limited.
- The System that most people use and why this leads to failure, and how you can have much better results if you can change your thinking in an easy way….

And the secret word with 3 letters that you absolutely need and that most people do not think of. Only knowing this will make a huge difference!



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Kloveniersburgwal 138 1012 CZ AMSTERDAM 020 6253231, Amsterdam
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