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Olympic Stadium 35 1076 DE Amsterdam The Netherlands
Mon-Thu: 10:00h - 01:00h
Friday: 10:00h - 03:00h Saturday: 22:00h - 03:00h
Sunday: 10:00h - 01:00h

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In 1996 plans were released for the preservation of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.
Immediately, Jaap van Dijk, Georgy and Philippe Bedier de Prairie saw an opportunity to realize a long standing wish: a bar and restaurant which is bustling with activity from dawn till dusk: meetings, lounging, work, parties, drinks, presentations, dinners, dj's and live music.

This resulted in a spacious bar and restaurant in the catacombs of the Stadium, VAKZUID.

The restaurant in VAKZUID seats a 150 and is situated on the mezzanine. On one side it has a wide-angle view onto the arena of the stadium while on the other side the bar provides visual stimulants. On the stairs you are welcomed by the hostess who will bring you to your table where the restaurant manager Jesse Keus and his crew do their utmost to make your evening a pleasant one.

The bar is the nerve center of VAKZUID. From the restaurant above, as well as from the lounge below, there is an exellent view onto this central focal point.

The lounge is the inner sanctum of VAKZUID and has a low level view of the Stadium arena. Whether you want to have a relaxed conversation on one of the many comfortable couches, read a book, study, organise an informal business meeting at the large table with the luxury chairs or have an intimate party - the possibilities are endless.


16 Stop: Stadionplein

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Olympic Stadium 35 1076 DE Amsterdam The Netherlands, Amsterdam
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