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Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers the real shopping addicts all they need to feed their addiction! National and international designers are highly represented in this fashionable city. Low budget, couture, high street or vintage fashion; name it, Amsterdam certainly has it. From the big main shopping streets to the hidden small cosy boutiques, it is almost impossible to not succeed in the search for the perfect dress, shoes or other clothing. Because of this great offer of fashion, Amsterdam can feel like a fashion jungle. Luckily, we have selected the best stores, not only for your daily shot of fashion but also antique, grocery and bookstores.

Main Shopping Streets

the Kalverstraat is located next to the big Dam Square. The Kalverstraat is impossible to miss due to the huge amount of shopping people. Nowadays it is a street that only offers shopping, but it used to be a market where calves where sold. The Kalverstraat offers the mainstream shops; this is the place where you can find the cheaper fashion from big companies such as H&M, Zara, Bershka, Vero Moda and Mexx. Fashion is not the only thing the Kalverstraat offers; you also have some excellent beauty shops, such as MAC, Sabon, The Body shop and L´Occitane. Don´t forget to take a peek in the alleys of the Kalverstraat, where you can find a different type of shop such as Christine le Duc.

This is an extension of the Kalverstraat which offers more or less the same as the Kalverstraat when it comes to fashion. This street is shorter than the Kalverstraat but also a nice place to shop. There is a slightly bigger variety of shops, such as drugstores, fast food, coffee shops, telecom stores and a bank. Almost at the end of the Nieuwendijk there is a change from cheap fashion to average priced and designer clothing. At the end of the Nieuwendijk you can see the Central Station of Amsterdam.

This is one of the best streets to shop if you are looking for something special. This street does not offer the big mainstream shops, but a very refined selection of clothing, exclusive jewellery and eye wear. The Leidsestraat is also a perfect place to shop for the Imelda Marcos´ wannabees, due to the large amount of designer shoe shops. Don’t let shopping take your attention of safety; the Leidsestraat is a pedestrian zone but also serves as a major thoroughfare for trams at the same time. A lot of accidents happen here to tourist because they seem to overlook the trams. It is also prohibited to bike in this street and if you do bike through the street it will cost you €30. The street ends with a big square, named Leidseplein where you can have a drink. This is not a typical Dutch square to enjoy a drink, so you will not see a lot of locals, the people are mostly tourists.

Negen Straatjes
The Negen straatjes (nine alleys) are nine small streets filled with the best shops, restaurants, lunchroom, vintage and antique shops. The nine streets are spread out connecting the canals with each other. The nine streets are: Huidenstraat, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Runstraat, Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gasthuis Molensteeg and Oude Spiegelstraat. The Negen Straatjes are fantastic for vintage lovers. Some of the best vintage shops are located in this area.

This is a great street for extraordinary shopping for an excellent price. The Haarlemmerstraat is a colourful street that does not offer a lot of designer clothing, but more small boutiques, candy stores, jewellery, gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops and much more. The Haarlemmerstraat is definitely worth a visit!

P.C Hooftstraat
The most expensive street of Amsterdam is located about five minutes walking from the Leidsestraat. This is where the rich and famous spend their euros on designer outfits, exclusive shoe and eye wear or haute couture. Big fashion houses are represented in this street, such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry or Gucci. The Dutch haute couture is also highly represented in this area. The P.C Hooftstraat is also the place to spot celebrities in their luxurious cars or on their expensive Vespa scooters.

Opening hours

Government offices:
Monday to Friday from 08:30h to 16.00h

Post offices:
Monday to Friday from 09.00h to 17.00h
Saturday from 09.00h to 18.00h.

Banks offices:
Monday from 13.00h to 18.00h
Tuesday to Friday from 09.00h to 16.00h
Saturday from 09.00h to 17.00h

Regular shops:
Monday from 11:00h/13.00h to 18.00h
Tuesday to Friday from 09.00h to 18.00h
Thursday from 09.00h to 21.00h
Saturday from 09.00h to 17.00h

Note: The shops in the centre of Amsterdam are also open on Sunday from 12:00h to 18:00h


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